Top 5 Interior Designers In Mangalore

Chavadi Interior

Chavadi interior has established in the year 2012 in Bangalore. after succeeding of 5 years we have built our newly branch at Mangalore. we have accomplished more than 100 projects.Chavadi interior is well-established to add elegance and aroma to your Dream Home. Chavadi interior is one of the Mangalore’s top qualities Interior Design, Fit-out and Furniture Solutions Providers. We specialise in design and fit-out, for Residential, Office, Commercial, Retail, Healthcare and Hospitality Sector creating classy environments for dwellers of these sectors.

We have carried off our projects to Shobha builders, Maitri builders, Bhandari builders, Rohan Builders, etc. We understand that every client has individual needs and respect their tastes.We provide you with a wide range of options that are sure to give you the ultimate bliss. We respect your thoughts and views and want you to be successful in the long run.


Gulshan Roy architects

Gulshan Roy architect is one of the top interior designers in Mangalore. We have completed the many projects with a successful outcome. Our main aim is to make customers happy. we use the best quality of raw materials. we understand the customer requirements and provide the best services. Our main branch at kodailbail, Mangalore. we maintain a harmonious relationship between company & consumer. we collaborate to get the best outlook of your dream home. we provide services like wardrobe, crockery, plumbing, flooring, ceiling, windows etc.

Inland indoors interior

Inland indoors is one of the prestigious interiors designers in Mangalore. we mainly work on customer’s need.We are flexible on our design.We have completed many projects. we give more preference to customer’s need we can’t suggest him something modern because if he believes in traditional we can’t force him for the modern designs. Even if he’s interested in modern designs we can’t force him for the traditional designs. we mainly understand that every client has individual needs and respect their tastes.We offer many services like dining, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, etc.

SKM interior designer

An SKM interior designer is a distinguished interior designer in Mangalore.They are renowned for their work. They are specialised in diverse areas like project management,3D design modelling to site supervision and quality assurance. They consist of a group of highly -skilled and extremely productive designers.We design elegant and attractive residential interior spaces as well as commercial spaces in Mangalore. They provide best sourcing materials for interior designings in Mangalore.These exclusive designs will give you lavish and spectacular feeling.

2pkm interior

A 2pkm interior designer is a well-established interior designer in Mangalore. They provide the best services to the customers with innovative ideas.
2pkm interior designers are one of the best interior designers with good experience. The work was done immaculately with the professional touch.
They have done an excellent work. We determine client’s goals and requirements of the project.Create a timeline for the interior design plan and estimate project costs.Visit after the project to ensure that the client is satisfied.Our motive is to deliver every customer with a smile factor for a lifetime.

Top 5 Interior Designers In Mangalore

Flats in Mangalore

At Mak group, we provide quality service and customer oriented work to our customers. Our goals are result oriented and we work towards reaching our goal retaining the quality and the expectations that the customer has with us. We provide the services on a professional basis that is mainly dedicated to the quality work. We work from out of our comfort zone in order to fit in the customer’s shoes and provide them with their imaginations making it like a dream come true for all their thoughts and wishes.
We provide flats in Mangalore that are luxurious and at the same time they are all affordable for a common man. Luxury has always been a man’s wish to posses and it has always been a dream to live in luxurious apartments. We have a wide range of luxury apartments in mangalore that are best in their quality and also come in a very reasonable price range.
You can select from a wide range of flats for sale in Mangalore that you can select from. We always work towards delighting our customer and making them happy with our services. We always work professionally and we have a team of experts and professionals who work with intense planning and management and make up the flats and apartments in Mangalore. We also have projects that are commercial based and residential based. We have also completed various projects and have gained a tremendous response from our customers. Our goal now is to work towards our customers dream and make them come true. It is also our will to retain the customer and have a healthy longing relationship in the future too.
The main pillar of our construction is the customer’s satisfaction and fulfilling their expectations. We work on the same and also make sure that the customer receives quality and affordability service from us. we always make sure that we do not drift from the main priority and the quality service that we assure the customer to provide by our services. the happiness and the response that the customers provide us makes us even more motivated and helps us to grow.

Flats in Mangalore

Commercial buildings in Mangalore

We provide extraordinary projects at affordable prices with very high standards. Within a short period of time, Ecological habitats have successfully managed to build exquisite commercial buildings in Mangalore.
We are dedicated towards providing customer satisfaction. Quality is our mantra and we have been working constantly towards bringing technological advancements in our projects. Ecological habitat turns the process of owning a home into a joyous one.
One of the best things it has to offer is that most of the projects are situated in a central location, thereby, amenities such as education, business-oriented, entertainment-oriented and so on. All are located at an easy distance and making use of all such facilities can be done by home-owners. Ecological habitat is committed towards building exclusive projects and rendering extraordinary services to their customers. One of the recent projects includes building a mall and renting commercial shops for sale in Mangalore.
Simplicity and sophistication is the ultimate grace, and this is the major driving force for ecological habitat. The designs are exclusive and graceful. Their designs reflect ultimate sophistication. They cater to customer’s needs and requirements by designing and developing buildings and living spaces.
Their ultimate focus is towards designing ecological living. Ecological habitat includes plantation of trees in almost all of the projects that they offer. They provide luxurious living lifestyle buildings and home ideas that are also at an affordable rate. This makes ecological habitat one of the pioneering builders in Mangalore.
Mangalore city offers a beautiful gardening and greenery area and ecological habitat has chosen the projects wisely by designing the homes in an exquisite manner. They excel in building projects with an eco-friendly environment free from the pollution and day-to-day traffic nuisances. We offer world-class home and lifestyle houses and flats across Mangalore that are available for sale and also for rent.
Ecological habitat lays emphasis on the idea of building projects that has an array of environment friendly options in the house. It offers beautiful lake side and garden side views in the houses that are built by them. Ecological habitat assists its clients in buying their dream home by helping them choose where to invest in their property.

Commercial buildings in Mangalore